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Single Family Homes
Four bedroom home.JPG

MicroFAST® units from BioMicrobics have been used for decades on sites that need wastewater pretreatment  because of poor soils or high water tables. When permitted by regulations, MicroFAST® treated wastewater can be directly discharged to streams or ditches.  In some instances the treated water can be sprayed on vegetation. In environmentally sensitive  areas such as the Chesapeake Bay and other coastal waters, FAST® equipment can meet low nitrogen limits. Designers

recommend and homeowners choose MicroFAST® because

it is simple, robust and affordable to purchase, install and maintain.

Cluster/Community Homes
Community system serving 196 homes in Ca

Community projects and cluster home developments can be engineered in several different ways. BioMicrobics gives the government and private developer build-out options.  Systems can be built in a modular fashion to

embrace future growth.  Developers can plan a community

or sub division with treatment on individual lots with individual or community drain fields.  The cost of the treatment system is recouped with the sale of each


Commercial Projects
Restaurant, Smith Mountain Lake, Virgini

Nature Works has worked on many commercial jobs of all sizes from small convenience stores to 150 seat restaurants.  BioMicrobics HighStrengthFAST® systems are designed to treat the higher BOD that is associated with commercial waste. Please give us a call for sizing and pricing information for commercial projects.  

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